Saturday, May 7, 2016


I always wanted one more child. Maybe it was my Dad always saying that pairs were better than odd numbers. Someone to always play with, knowing that one was never alone. Our 6th child has been home for a little over a month. If I were to describe Libbi with one word, it would be “brave”. This young lady knew nothing about us. We were strangers from another world who claimed her as their new daughter. She left the only friends that she had ever known, and Nanny's that loved her as their own. We spent 3 weeks in China with this beautiful girl. She took care of us when we couldn't communicate and she made fast and easy friends with everyone. She was dramatic funny and joyful. She made us laugh. She trusted and believed that we would take care of her, and that everything would be ok. Her first month here must have been terrifying at times. Our only source of communication was through technology, kindness, a hug or a smile. We tried to make sure that she knew that she was loved all the time, everyday and no matter what. But it must have been oh so lonely at times, laying in bed, thinking about China and remembering all that she left behind. She told us that she missed China. Big crocodile tears rolled down those pretty cheeks. She was home. She had a family. But sometimes to Libbi, home was far away and to her, home was still China. She is finding her way. We found someone to help her communicate with us, and to explain our culture. She has teachers at school that help us interpret as well. When she can communicate she is enthusiastic, she is happy, she is in her element. Libbi had a choice. She could have stayed in China, with people that she trusted and with friends that she loved, but she chose us. She chose to become part of our crazy family. I could not wait to get back home after 3 weeks in China, I was ready to get home. Libbi has been home 5 weeks. I can only imagine how she must feel sometimes. But she is learning to trust us, and maybe learning to love us. She is a wonderful daughter and every day we see a little more of our girl. She is opening up, and she is becoming more confident and relaxed. She melts my heart. Libbi made a choice in China, and she chose to be brave.

On this Mother's Day, I will celebrate my children. I will celebrate a very good husband. I am thankful for an amazing Mom who was my role model. I am going to have a great day! I am so thankful to be a Mama of 6.


maggie k said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and many more in the future! Love the picture of the whole gang together :)

Anonymous said...

Grateful that Libbi is doing well and looking forward to meeting her soon. She has some wonderful and very loving siblings to help her along the way, as well as a Mom and Dad who have a lot of experience with kids.


Ada Smith said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if she remembers me or not,but I was one of her friends back at "Shepherds field" I left not long before she found her forever family. If this comment is found by her family will you tell her 李冉冉(Li RanRan) says hello.