Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter in China

One of the parents thought ahead (not me, for sure) and brought lots of candy to hide Easter evening. The kids loved the hunt and really loved the candy!  We were also able to go to Church in the morning with another traveling family.  We are grateful to have found new friends here in Guangzhou.  Libbi found a new friend as well.  She is 12 and the two of them chatter in Chinese just like when Shaelani was 4 and chattered with her friend, Nancy.  We don't know what they are saying, but their smiles say it all.  Libbi is blossoming.  She is so funny and animated.  Last night one of the families commented on her happy, cute and sometimes silly personality, saying how lucky I was.  He is right!  We are so lucky to have met and loved Libbi into our family. She is amazing, as are her other siblings.  I am a lucky Mama!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls. So glad you got to go to church on Easter. We had a wonderful church service and four dear friends went with us. Guess who?


maggie k said...

So happy for everyone that the Easter Bunny made it all the way to China :) Love seeing the pics of the girls. Thanks for posting them. Love M