Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter in China

One of the parents thought ahead (not me, for sure) and brought lots of candy to hide Easter evening. The kids loved the hunt and really loved the candy!  We were also able to go to Church in the morning with another traveling family.  We are grateful to have found new friends here in Guangzhou.  Libbi found a new friend as well.  She is 12 and the two of them chatter in Chinese just like when Shaelani was 4 and chattered with her friend, Nancy.  We don't know what they are saying, but their smiles say it all.  Libbi is blossoming.  She is so funny and animated.  Last night one of the families commented on her happy, cute and sometimes silly personality, saying how lucky I was.  He is right!  We are so lucky to have met and loved Libbi into our family. She is amazing, as are her other siblings.  I am a lucky Mama!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, Libbi!

Many firsts for our girl!  She is learning how to swim thanks to Emily and Shae.  She loves a good Starbucks treat and of course, the mall! We had to take a picture in front of the Cali wall.  She loves romping with her sisters and met some new friends while we were in Guangzhou.  She is friendly, outgoing and has enjoyed everything new that has come her way (except for the shots she got today).  She is taking it all in and taking it all in stride.  She turned 13 today (3/26)!!.  Here is to many more adventures and birthdays to celebrate with her new family who loves you to the moon and back! Happy Birthday, Libbi!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Adoption Day!!

From her goodbyes at her Children's home, to the fast train to Jinan, our girl has done great!  She and her sisters are bonding beautifully. 

It is priceless to watch all of the hugs and the hand holding.  We are so grateful to call this special girl our daughter.  She is so brave, trusting, funny and very protective of her new family.  She is amazing beyond words!  Happy Adoption Day, Libbi!  We Love You!

Friday, March 18, 2016

We Have Libbi

Yesterday, we met our precious Libbi.  It was once again an overwhelmingly beautiful experience.  This child was so brave, all smiles, a bit nervous, and oh so curious.  She made my heart melt.  We gave her big hugs and were able to put a beautiful necklace that all of her sisters were wearing, on our sweet girl,  made and given with love by 2 very dear friends.  It simply said "love" which honestly said it all.  We played Uno, painted her nails, Claire couldn't wait to get her hands on her beautiful hair.  Libbi showed us where she lived and introduced us to her friends.  That evening we went out to dinner with some of the volunteers and staff from her Children's home.  On the way home, she held her new Daddy's hand, and the two of them were talking.  She has promised to teach him some Chinese, and he is happy to learn. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Blessed with 5 and now Blessed with 6! Meet Libbi

Meet Libbi
Isabel Xinlu Lucy 
Born 3/26/2003
Libi is Hebrew for "my heart" and Xin means "heart".
Destined to be in our hearts and part of our family.
We love you sweet girl and cannot wait to meet you !