Monday, January 18, 2016

Fly High College Girl

No one tells you, when you meet your child for the very first time, that someday, you will have to let them go.  For many years, we planned and planned and planned for this moment.  The day that Claire would move out of her home and move into young adulthood at a University.  No one told me how painful it would be to say good bye.  I decided to write her a letter and slip it in her backpack, along with a family photo.  I wrote that letter at the airport, before Christmas,  with tears streaming down my face.  Nice strangers stopped several times to be sure that I was ok.  I assured them that I was, and explained what I was doing.  Surprisingly, many of them expressed their own sentiments and shared their own quick stories.  But for me, I just wanted Claire to know how proud that her Dad and I were of her.  She came with us to Cali and helped us for 2 years while she started her college career close to home.  She worked hard, chose good friends, found a love for dance and worked very hard at her classes.  Those 2 years went by with lightening speed.  I guess no Mama is ready to let her child leave the nest, for me it was one of the hardest moments of my life.  Leaving my baby at a dorm, with strangers.  She found my letter that first night.  I hope that she reads it whenever she has doubts, or a quiet fear slips into her thoughts, or when she feels a flicker of homesickness.  I hope she knows that we believe in her, that we are forever proud of her.  I want her to know that we trust her and that we want her to have an amazing life.  Fly baby girl, fly high….Your Mama and Daddy love you!

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Anonymous said...

Remember, I did tell you how lonely it was for you Dad and me and how much you would miss her.