Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Christmas gift well worth the wait! Swifty's Forever

From doing their hair

To selfies in the car

To the long wait to get into the stadium....

We had a great time.  The girl's said that it was the best Christmas present ever!

We had seats at the very top of the stadium.  No one behind us, with a cool breeze on a very warm night. 

Emily danced and sang through the entire Concert.  She even helped us walk from the hotel to the stadium with the hotel map.  She did a great job!

All 3 C girls enjoyed themselves. 

We did leave a little before the finale because the eyes were getting kind of heavy, and since everyone was still in the stadium we got a few pictures without the crowds.  We did sneak some peaks at the entrance before we left the stadium completely.  Wow, what a great experience for us all.  Thankfully we found something open, while we were walking back to our hotel, to get a little something to eat.  Once we sat in those seats, there was no getting up for food.  But, it didn't matter, we were having too much fun to care. 

One last picture leaving the hotel.  It's Daddy's birthday, and time to go home to make him breakfast.  Thank you girls for sharing your fun night with Mom.  TS, we think you ROCK!

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