Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I love these kiddos

I love getting together with our China families from Shaelani's travel group.  This year we went to Austin TX where we had an amazing time!  Somehow, even after a year, the kids just pick right up, and pack as much fun into 3 days as they possibly can.  We have new children to celebrate and cherish this year.  I can't believe how quickly all of these little ones are growing up.  It feels like yesterday when we first met these sweet littles.  We are so lucky to have our children, to be able to spend time together, and to have an extended family of friends that support and love all of our precious children.  Can't wait for Philadelphia next year! 


Anonymous said...

Very sweet pictures. Thanks for sharing. I will try to post this - have tried a couple of times before.

Love, Ammy

Chuyển Hàng Quốc Tế said...
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