Saturday, May 23, 2015

Soccer Boy

I have been meaning to post about WQ.  He has grown into a polite (most of the time) and good young man.  He has recently gotten a job at a Pizza place near home.  He loves making his own money.  He told me that I wasn't fast enough with the cash.  I had to laugh, because he really did go out and find a job.  He is a hard worker, and it's made him see that going to work is serious business. 
His first night I watched him as he did his cleanup work.  He came out to tell me that I needed to move away from the window, because his new friends thought that I was a "creeper".  No son, I just wanted to peer through the window at this young man that you have become.  I know that we only have a few more years, and then you too will be off to college.  Quinn is also playing soccer with a new team this summer.  I think he has bitten off a lot for a 16 year old, but I guess that is how we all learn.  I love you soccer boy!

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Anonymous said...

Having trouble getting my post on here but will try again.

Very good looking and smart grandson. So proud of you and love you a bunch.