Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Emily

Emily is mostly always sunny and happy and lighthearted.  I can always count on her for a laugh.  So many cute things that she has said over the years.  Claire reminds me always, that Emily was her 9th Birthday present.  And what a cutie she was, all wrapped up in layers of pink after a long long plane ride home.  Her birthday began with making sure that she was ready to celebrate at school with her friends.  I love those curls.  She is so grown up now.  A little bit sassy mixed with a whole lot of sweetness.  Happy Birthday Emily, I love you to the moon and back....just like Claire. 
Can't wait to see T Swift with you and your sisters.  Practice up big girl.  

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Anonymous said...

Hi sweet Emily, you pretty girl.
Thank you God for this beautiful girl and her siblings as well.

Em, you are growing up as we want you to do, but don't do it quite so fast. HaHa! We love that little baby then, also the toddler, the kindergartener and the special girl you have become.

Your very proud Ammy & PaPa