Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Story for my Dad

Hi Dad, I know that you have had a rough few days, and I thought I could share our Dog stories and maybe make you laugh a little.  You know how much we love you, especially Gracie, who would move to your house in a heartbeat, especially if she could get away from that new Dog in the house, Luna.

While we were all at the cabin, we all learned that Luna was a snow dog.  I don't think she has ever gotten over coming back to Cali, where there is seriously no snow.  This week, Gracie was happily in the jacuzzi, but Luna wanted no part of that gig.

It rained this weekend, and on top of that, Luna decided to visit the neighbors last week and jumped the 5 foot fence.  I didn't see it, but the twins across the street said she sailed over that fence to hang out with the twinny twin twins.  Sadly, she can't go outside now if not supervised.  We still get up every morning and we throw balls to beat the band.  Luna always wants more.  I wish I had her energy.

Anyway, 2 days and rain, she was going stir crazy.  Is that an excuse?  My kids don't do what she did.
Vincent opened the door to Quinn's room.  She made her own snow, ha ha, tore up her bed, and there was stuffing everywhere.  The same day, she tried to look out a window, and tore down the blinds.  She got so bored (with 2 attentive baby sitters) that she ate my couch.

You know it's love when it really doesn't matter.  See that picture of Gracie at the end, she's shaking her head and wishing Luna would behave.  Luna doesn't.  She is a crazy, funny and nutcase of a dog.  But we love her.  I am sure when her prior owners named her that they would not have even guessed what her new nickname would be…..but today, she is our Lunatic.

Love you Dad, and you too Mom.

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