Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A day with Vincent at the Beach

Vincent was invited to a Birthday party.  A very long birthday party at a very beautiful bay.  Mama didn't know the boy who invited him, but he really wanted to go, so I rsvp'd a yes, but chose to drive my son himself.  I met the birthday party gaggle, introduced myself and let them know that my daughters and I were staying around to enjoy the day as well.  Truth be known, we were not very far from my son, not close enough for him to see us, but close enough for us to see him.  I kept a watchful eye, and loved watching him play with his new friends.  The girls and I did a picnic, read and enjoyed the sunshine.  I stayed a few hours later than I had planned, but he had a ton of fun, and the girls did too.  I think he is a natural on that wave board.  He had never been on one, but he figured it out pretty quickly.  It is good that he is making some good friends.  When I walked down the beach to get my son, the birthday boy's family told me what a polite and sweet young man that he was.  I thanked them and just smiled.  He made me such a proud Mama.  He is a really sweet young man, I know that, but good to know that others see it too. 

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Anonymous said...

Viny, you are really growing up, going to parties, playing soccer, etc. Looks like a really fun day at the beach. Happy you enjoyed it.

Love you,