Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A newly minted Teen

Happy Birthday to a very special new teen.  You shock us and amaze us, and we are so proud of you.  Your road has been long, and sometimes hard, but I look at you now, and think how lucky we are to have been able to have shared in your journey.  You aren't a baby anymore, but thankfully you still like hugs.  Happy Birthday Vincent, and I look forward to sharing your teen years, and this new chapter in your amazing life.  I/We love you with all of our C hearts. 


maggie k said...

Vincent - Happy Birthday! I hope that we see you at the reunion in July so I can give you birthday noogies (spelling?) in person.

Jill - Good to see you in a photo for a change!

Claire - I see you giving your little sisters bunny ears in one of the photos. But who is giving you bunny ears?

Anonymous said...

Viny, congratulations on becoming a teenager. Did you get some nice presents? Looks like a great party to me, and I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you.

Miss you making our coffee. I have to make it for myself at home and it's not as good as yours.

Love you,
Ammy & PaPa

Anonymous said...

Great photos of a beautiful family. Love the photo of Momma and son! We were glad to see Ralph and the boys in Gilbert! Thanks for the delicious dinner, William and all!

Miss you ladies- Jill, Claire, Emily and Shaelani!

Aunt Kim