Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Birthday and a Break

It was a very busy Spring Break.  We celebrated Quinn's Birthday.  I cannot believe how much he has grown in the last year.  He is a great kid, very smart mixed with a little silly which always equals hilarious.  He cracked us up at lighting all of those candles.  He and his brother are growing up to be such wonderful young men.  Last night, I was watching the 4 youngest playing soccer in our backyard.  Lots of laughing and shouting.  Claire sat down beside me and we both watched them play.  The boys go outside and play soccer together these days.  Vincent has developed some nice footwork practicing along side his brother.  My, have they changed.  They get along, and might I say, have a few things in common now.  It's nice to see them together and having fun!  They are finding their way as brothers. Makes a Mama so proud.

Only the youngest allowed us to take the early morning Easter picture.  Thank you Ms MK for suggesting those tops for the girls.  Even Emily liked this one.  And yes, they did wear their new boots to Church just like in the photo.  I said nothing, they are growing up, and it was their choice. 

And finally, the littles and Claire spent some time at the tide pools.  Thanks to our neighbor who saved the day and got them out of the house while Mom was working.  The view was breath taking.  Claire caught a fish for a moment, they all got wet (of course) and they had an amazing time.  They even found a hermit crab. 

Everyone is back in school now....but very soon summer begins!  Let the fun begin.


maggie k said...

Quinn - You will be getting birthday noogies along with your brother when I see you in July. Just warning you now so that you are prepared :) Happy Birthday - Love Maggie K

PS Love the pictures at the beach but got to say I sort of hate you guys living in a place where you can put your tootsies in the water at this time of the year and not freeze them off.

Anonymous said...


You are still so cute, I could give you a great big hug. Love all the pictures. I know you had a good time shopping after your birthday. You are so special.

Hope to see you all soon.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Yes, your family is beautiful! It is wonderful to see the bond between siblings growing strong! We love and miss you all!

Aunt Kim