Saturday, March 8, 2014

A very special friend

The C family spent some time with a very special friend.  Shaelee's buddy Sienna was able to spend    a few days with her.  Nadi and Tung Tung had such a good time together.  Mom was able to take a few days off and hang with these 2 precious friends from Hunan.  The girls enjoyed the Zoo and Legoland, but I think they had the most fun at the beach and hanging out at the pool.  Both of them love the water.  They also love each other.  I love how they held hands, hugged each other, sat as close as they could and whispered all kinds of secrets that only they were allowed to hear.  They were a joy to watch.  Friendship is so pure and so sweet when it is honest and true.  And these little girls have a beautiful friendship.  We had a wonderful time with our little Northern Girl.  Thank you for coming to see us Sienna.  Nadi loves you very much.  Miss Jill Jill loves you too.

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maggie k said...

I love the photos of them at the beach holding hands. Can't get any sweeter than that. Love M