Sunday, March 16, 2014

A day at the beach

While Ralph and Quinn were at a soccer tournament, 5 of us packed up the car and headed to the beach.  Our very favorite beach.  We packed a picnic and took our soccer umbrella (not so good for the beach) and took a break from the real world.  The girls did a little gymnastics and everyone got into the water.  It wasn't too bad, at least once you got used to it.  The weather was spectacular and the waves absolutely stunning. 
A funny comment from Emily this week. She wanted to know why an M wasn't called "double N"?  She then reminded Shaelani that a W is a "double U".  I don't know if she heard it or made it up, but I kind of scratched my head too.  Such a smart and inquistive girl.  I love all of my blessings.


maggie k said...

I am so jealous of your California lifestyle - beach in the middle of March! Love the girls gymnastics on the sand - the handstands - Claire's balletic leaps - they all have great form - especially love Shaelee's pointed toes!
What is the deal with the amazing sandcastle? California Dreamin for sure!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of the day at the beach. Beautiful girls doing their gymnastics and leaps, and also one good-looking boy. Looks like great fun. They may never want to leave CA. Thanks for sharing.

Love you,