Sunday, February 23, 2014


Quinn played his final High School game on Thursday.  Usually the games are at night, so no pictures were possible.  His Dad snapped a few Thursday for me because the Varsity team played first.  Next week he starts practicing with his league team.  Can't wait for more games! 
And just for my husband, I am including this picture of his new toy.  We have been waiting almost a year for this well to finally be competed.  I cannot wait for that last on line water bill!  And my lawn can't wait to be green again.  Looking forward to vacation next week, and good times with a couple of special littles. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for some cute pictures of Quinn. I can see how he is out there working hard to win, as usual. So proud of him.

Know you are happy to get your well and have green grass and save some greenbacks$$$$$.

Love to all,

maggie k said...

That thing is massive - but with a family of 7 taking showers - I guess it has to be :) Enjoy your new water independence.