Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Good Times

A few fun months have flown by, oh so quickly.  But I did want to post some pictures of some sweet kids and how happy they make me.  I love that Emily and Shaelee got all dressed up for their Gymnastics Awards dinner.  We had a little wardrobe malfunction, as Emily's original dress didn't fit.  Claire to the rescue, she dug out a dress from her Freshman year of High School, pinned it up, and Emily looked amazing.  She also looked very grown up.  We wished Ammy a Happy Birthday, and Papa Mike and Vincent all headed for the USS Mid*ay.  I could barely keep up with my Dad as he was right at home on that ship.  And thank you girls for making all of those cookies.  These were some good times.  I love you Mom. 

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful grand daughters we have! Emily, you look stunning in that black dress, and Claire and Shaelani looked wonderful also.

These were all pretty good pictures. (pretty good means PaPa and me for once, not bad.) Thank you C family for the awesome birthday party and visit.

Much love,