Sunday, February 23, 2014


Quinn played his final High School game on Thursday.  Usually the games are at night, so no pictures were possible.  His Dad snapped a few Thursday for me because the Varsity team played first.  Next week he starts practicing with his league team.  Can't wait for more games! 
And just for my husband, I am including this picture of his new toy.  We have been waiting almost a year for this well to finally be competed.  I cannot wait for that last on line water bill!  And my lawn can't wait to be green again.  Looking forward to vacation next week, and good times with a couple of special littles. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Emily's Birthday Surprise

Emily had a birthday.  Oh my heavens, I am so thankful to be her Mommy.  She is such a happy and joyful girl.  We celebrated at home, and then made the trip back to Phoenix.  Her "real" birthday present was a sleepover with her BFF!  She couldn't believe it when she opened the door and there was her buddy.  We went to the movies, we LOVED Froz*n, and went to a celebrate 2 birthday girls (yes her BFF's birthday was within the same month)! 
We can't wait to see Megan again soon.
The next weekend:
Claire Emily and Shaelee begged me to go to see their old team mates from AZ that were competing here in San Diego.  Claire got to see her Coach, the one she has had since she was 5!  The girls were so happy to see Jason, and their friends.  We cheered away for some old and dear gym mates. 
Life changes.  Things move on.  But friends and family?  We figure out a way to make sure that we stay in touch.  Memories made and futures unwritten.  Blessed to be the Mama of these special children.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Good Times

A few fun months have flown by, oh so quickly.  But I did want to post some pictures of some sweet kids and how happy they make me.  I love that Emily and Shaelee got all dressed up for their Gymnastics Awards dinner.  We had a little wardrobe malfunction, as Emily's original dress didn't fit.  Claire to the rescue, she dug out a dress from her Freshman year of High School, pinned it up, and Emily looked amazing.  She also looked very grown up.  We wished Ammy a Happy Birthday, and Papa Mike and Vincent all headed for the USS Mid*ay.  I could barely keep up with my Dad as he was right at home on that ship.  And thank you girls for making all of those cookies.  These were some good times.  I love you Mom.