Monday, November 11, 2013

Our little Champion Emily

Emily and the girls made a weekend of a very special gymnastics meet in Orange County.  Claire is a gym sister these days, and she now understands how nerve wracking it is to watch (as opposed to actually doing).  We watched with gritted teeth, and sometimes through half closed eyes, just hoping that there would be no falls.  Emily didn't disappoint, she was able to achieve her personal best.  The thing about personal best moments, is that you can see the possibilities for the future.  Claire and I were thrilled that she was able to come up with a 9.0 and a 9.1 on bars and beam.  The girls weren't supposed to look at their scores this meet, but I am pretty sure that she peaked.  Her grins kind of said it all.  After it was all over, she told me that she was really proud of herself.  So were here 2 sisters and her Mama.  Congratulations Emily, we look forward to your State meet.  For this gym Mama, it has never been about "winning", it's always been about having fun.  And I can definitely say, that Emily had a lot of fun.  Claire, Shaelee and I were happy to come along for the ride.