Saturday, August 3, 2013

Claire's reunion

I was finally able to download some of Claire's reunion pictures off of her I P*d.  Unfortunately our Virginia Beach pictures were lost.  Anyway, it is always wonderful to see Claire's China families.  While the girls decided that this wasn't going to be their last reunion (sigh of relief) it is their last before they all head off to college.  Ms Hannah made these beautiful canvases for each of her friends.  They represent their respective college colors.

Honestly, I cannot believe that in 2 weeks, Claire will be going to college.  We are oh so lucky that she wanted to come with us to California and attend her first year of school here.  But seriously, where did the time go?  I can't believe that Quinn is going to High School either!  By the way, he is not the least bit worried about a new city and making new friends.

So I am thankful for Nanning buddies, forever friends that have lasted through 17 years, and those 14 beautiful babies that China allowed us to adopt in 1996.  Thankful that they are all going onto College.  Mostly thankful that they turned out to be happy and healthy.  They make their Mama's and Daddy's so proud.  God has blessed us all.