Sunday, April 7, 2013

Babies, Braces, a Birthday, and Bees

It's been a very packed weekend... We have been celebrating Vincent's birthday.  Happy Birthday big guy!  Both boys are now sporting braces.  Lots of metal between those boys.  And the babies....
Mama K and Priscilla brought those sweet babies by for a visit.  The twins are finally here, and we hope we get to see them a lot.  You can see how taken the kids were with them.  Shaelee was fascinated.  She wasn't sure what to do, but she caught on fast, and had a great time playing with their little hands and feet while they slept so soundly.  The sleep of the innocent.  Just completely relaxed little cuties.  Claire has already helped with 2 babies, so she was just enjoying the moment.  Viny and Shaelee were so proud to hold them.  Of course 2 adults were right in front of them while we snapped the picture.  But they did a great job holding their very first ever twins.  Oh my goodness.....adorable!  Such sweet blessings.  So grateful that they could come for a short visit. 
And yes, a big swarm of bees decided to visit us.  Shaelee was hesitant to tell me because she thought I might over react.  I did call a professional who knew what to do, and sure enough, we left them alone, and they were gone in a few hours.  So glad they didn't choose to call our backyard home. 
I will add another B to describe our weekend.  BUSY!!!
But filled with fun!