Thursday, November 21, 2013

Loving life with the fabulous 5

We were working on Christmas pictures, and we got some serious fun.  The water was really warm.  The kids had lots of laughs, and no, Claire and Quinn did not throw Shaelee in the water.  I love the bond between all the kids.  Love that Claire and Quinn are so close. A year ago, Quinn was 6 inches shorter than Claire.  He is taller now.  They grow up so fast.  Everyday, I think how lucky  I am to be their Mama. 


maggie k said...

LOVE these pics! Were they taken at my favorite beach by the Hotel del Coranado - by chance? Can't wait to see the one that makes the cut as the Christmas card!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures kids. Look at Claire and Quinn, almost the same height! You are having such fun together. Excited to be seeing you soon.

Love, Ammy