Monday, September 23, 2013

Gym Girls

The C's are getting more comfortable in their new home.  With boxes everywhere, we are getting used to our new normal.  Schedules are melding, new friends are helping to carpool, and we are very busy.  This week the little girls had their first "inner squad" meet.  Getting ready for the first meet next weekend.  They haven't competed in a while, so they were a little rusty.  Shaelee won't have a team leo till November, so she will be wearing her old team leo until hers gets here.  She and Emily are competing together, just at different age groups.  They rock my world.  They are so cute, talented and just plain adorable.  I think their new team mates are happy to have them on the team.  Claire thank you for the beautiful pictures. 

Yesterday, we spent our last day with our 19 year old kitty.  We love you Haylie and we will miss you always.  A special thank you to Viny, who made her last day on earth very sweet and special.  Always the protector.  And to Claire who cuddled her most of the day.  I remember getting into a serious argument with my Sunday School teacher in the 4th grade.  I really believed that I would see my pets someday again in Heaven.  She finally gave up, and told me that yes, maybe I would see them all in Heaven if it meant that much to me. 


Anonymous said...

I made a comment earlier today, but it still has appeared on your blog. Don't know what happened. Anyway, so proud of the girls (and the boys). Happy you all are adjusting, but so sorry to hear about Haley. I know Claire's heart is nearly breaking. Sad for you and the other kids who loved her. Claire you took such good care of her and you can always remember that.

Love you all,

maggie k said...

So sorry about Haley! The picture of the girls loving on her brought tears to my eyes - reminding me too much of losing our two kitties. But happy to hear how well everyone is adjusting to CA. And love the huge smiles on Shaelee and Emily at their meet!Love Maggie