Monday, September 23, 2013

Gym Girls

The C's are getting more comfortable in their new home.  With boxes everywhere, we are getting used to our new normal.  Schedules are melding, new friends are helping to carpool, and we are very busy.  This week the little girls had their first "inner squad" meet.  Getting ready for the first meet next weekend.  They haven't competed in a while, so they were a little rusty.  Shaelee won't have a team leo till November, so she will be wearing her old team leo until hers gets here.  She and Emily are competing together, just at different age groups.  They rock my world.  They are so cute, talented and just plain adorable.  I think their new team mates are happy to have them on the team.  Claire thank you for the beautiful pictures. 

Yesterday, we spent our last day with our 19 year old kitty.  We love you Haylie and we will miss you always.  A special thank you to Viny, who made her last day on earth very sweet and special.  Always the protector.  And to Claire who cuddled her most of the day.  I remember getting into a serious argument with my Sunday School teacher in the 4th grade.  I really believed that I would see my pets someday again in Heaven.  She finally gave up, and told me that yes, maybe I would see them all in Heaven if it meant that much to me. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just to Remember

I keep our family blog somewhat up to date, just so that I can always remember special moments.  Today was one of those moments.  Mama is busy taking care of children this week, while Dad is making sure that our move goes smoothly.  There is already a schedule for drop off and pick for the 3 youngest C's. So today I picked up Emily and Shaelee from school.  I had already picked up Vincent, so he was my wing man helping me to navigate the pick up routine.  We finally got out of the car and just walked to the school to pick up the girls.  Emily was happily playing with her new friends, head bobbing up and down, huge grin on her face, and barely a nod when she saw us.  Vincent and I stood together on the playground waiting for Shaelee.  She finally came out of the gate, and saw me and ran to me arms outstretched and gave me the biggest hug ever.  Behind her were 2 little girls.  I put my daughter down, and asked if these were her friends.  She nodded that they were.
One little girl looked up at me and said, Is this your Mama Shaelani?" and then commented to me that "she sure is small for a 2nd grader."  I smiled and said that "yes, she was a beautiful small girl."  She wanted to know if she would grow, to which I politely told her, that "yes, she would keep growing."  At that point she took my hand and softly touched the top of it and said, "Your skin tone (yes, she really used that word, future Cliniq*e makeup artist) is a lot lighter than Shaelani's."  She was curious.  I asked Shaelee if she had shared her story?  With a huge grin, she replied that she "was from China."  At that point, Emily joined the conversation, and the little girl asked if Emily and Shaelee were twins because the looked alike.  Emily let her know that they were not twins, and that she was from Korea.  And from there Vincent piped up that he was from India.  I explained that they were all adopted.  The little girls gave Shaelee a big hug, and we all went on our merry way.  As we were walking to the car I heard one of my peanuts say, "well, we sure taught them a little about adoption didn't we?"  And yes, they surely did.  I love that my kids are proud of who they are, and proud to talk about being adopted.  What a fun day I had with my littles and middle.  I always want to remember it.
(I do need to take some new pictures, I had to look awhile for one of the 3 of them together, but that will have to wait for another fun day)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today was back to school for 4 of the C's.  Bittersweet.  We are all together again, but so much is changing or has changed.  New schools, new house, new state....everything is so new for all of us.  Our day began at 5am because Quinn has to catch a very early bus.  The littles get dropped of at 8:45.  It's a very long morning for Mr Ralph.  Claire has been in college for 2 weeks now.  I worry every time that she gets behind the wheel of her shiny new car.  She made the decision to come with us.  That being said, it means that she has to drive herself to school everyday.  This Mama worries every time she gets on that freeway.  But she is so much more confident, and she is doing so well.  We are so lucky to have her with us for one more year.  I never knew what a deal a Jr College could be.  Even with out of state tuition, it is a great value.
No pictures of Mr Quinn.  He walked out the door and down the road with adult confidence.  Our newest High Schooler.  I followed him in my car, and got the "look", hands in the air, like why are you even here?  Don't embarrass me Mom.  Got on that bus with 10 other kids and never looked back.  I wish I had that confidence.
Mr Viny was excited.  Love that smile.  He asked me if he could go to parent's evening with me tonight.  I don't think he understood how boring it would be, but he sat quietly and took it all in.....
And the littles.  Both talking in their room last night about how scared they were to go to a new school. I walked in after they had finally fallen asleep and found them with pictures of their buddies beside them.  Maybe it gave them strength, or security to have those pictures right there along side them.  Something familiar in a very new place. 
I think they all had a good day.  I am off to make 5 lunches and make sure that all 4 of the youngest C's are ready for day 2 of our newest family adventure.