Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shaelee's China Reunion

I still have to post pictures of Claire's reunion, and of our trip home to St Louis, I am so far behind.   Before I close my eyes tonight, I wanted to post these beautiful pictures that Claire took this evening.  We are so incredibly lucky to be able to connect our daughters to a piece of their heritage by staying in touch with other families that traveled with us at the same time to meet their children in China.  We have had such a special week with Shaelee's China friends.  I look at these beautiful children, and feel so amazing blessed to watch forever friendships being made.  These children are cherished by their parents as well as by each other.  To Karen and family, you were never far from our thoughts.  Love you all!  Already looking forward to next year. 


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful sisters and friends. We are so happy you have had a good time together this weekend. We are sorry we could not be part of the fun. Know that you are close in our thoughts and prayers. Aunt Kim

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful little girls. So happy they could be together again. Thank you Claire and Jill for the pictures. Sorry we could not be there, but you were and are in our thoughts.

Loving and missing you,