Sunday, May 12, 2013

Twins, Friends and Grins

I hope everyone had a very happy Mother's Day.  It was a very quiet one here, with a fun lunch and lots of kiddos to enjoy.  My how the weekend flew by.  We went to see our favorite twins.  They are so darn cute, and they have such different personalities.  We just loved them up and they loved us back. Children are like that.  With a little love, they thrive.  They are so trusting and so sweet.  Claire will graduate in 2 weeks.  She is choosing to come with her family to Cali.  It wasn't what I had planned for her.  But this isn't about my dreams, it's about hers.  I remember 17 years ago filling out paperwork for her adoption.  There was a question, what do you want for your children?  I don't remember exactly what I said,  I remember writing something like, that I didn't care what they chose to do, as long as they were happy.  This Mama just wants her 5 beautiful children to grow up happy, and find something that they love to do.  Loving up those little twins bring those words home.  Every parent wants the best for their children.  I am watching my oldest decide her way these days. Not my way, but hers.  May God guide her on the right path.

Shaelee and Emily had their first Gymnastics banquet.  Claire and I spent the morning Saturday getting dresses for the main event.  Claire came along for the fun.  I wish the boys liked having their pictures taken, but they gave me their beautiful artwork instead. 
Thankful for my children, and grateful to be blessed with all 5.  (Emma, you will always be #6)

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Anonymous said...

I just checked your blog and love the pictures and comments you made, Jill. Those little babies have grown since I have seen them and they are so cute. All the other little girls and big girls are pretty dazzling too. Thanks for sharing.