Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Graduate

Claire graduated from High School this week.  I get a little choked up just saying it out loud.  She is an amazing young lady.  She is her own person, and she has the sweetest soul.  She has made some great friends over the last few years, and it is bittersweet that Caitlin Julia and Claire are going their separate ways to College.  Claire is doing College her way, just like so many other decisions that she has made along life's way.  Ralph and I have such confidence and respect for Claire.  She wants to be a teacher.  She has been teaching 4 siblings for quite some time, and the world will be better with a teacher like Claire. 

I listened to those speeches by students that I didn't know during the ceremony.  One of them actually said something that resonated profoundly....We spend too much time focused on what is wrong, and not enough time on things that are right.  Claire, if there is one thing that I wish, it is that you focus on those things in your life that are right.  Your Dad and I will always be there for you.  We are forever grateful that China trusted us to adopt you, allowed us to raise you and to love you,  and to be your very lucky parents.  You are such a special young lady. 

We have a cabinet in the living room, where we keep treasures from our kids.  We saved Claire's Preschool Graduation cap.  Made of construction paper, that used to be blue, with glitter spelling out her name, it has been on display for a long time.  Today that cap sits side by side with her HS Cap.  Both graduations were important milestones, on a road where many new milestones that will come Claire's way.  I can't help but think of that little preschooler proudly wearing her glittery cap and the biggest grin ever.  It seems like yesterday, and a treasured moment that I keep within my heart. 

So tonight as I post these pictures, I think of my preschooler, and see her standing here all grown up. 

Claire follow your dreams, trust in God's plan, and focus on what is right in this world.  May your life shine like the glitter on your very first graduation cap.  We all love you sweet girl. 


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Claire. We are so grateful we could be there for your graduation. We are very proud of you and know you will be a good teacher, if that is what you choose to do. We are blessed to have you as our grand-daughter.

Much love,
Ammy& PaPa

Linda Carle said...

While I've read your blog for quite sometime, this post made me leave a comment. Your family makes me smile! Claire has turned into such a beautiful young lady - inside and out. You are doing a fabulous job parenting all your amazing kiddos. Can't wait to see you at the end of the month!