Thursday, May 30, 2013

Danielle Needs a Family

I have watched this little girl waiting for a family for more than 2 years.  She is absolutely precious.  I guess this is my very first attempt at advocating for a child who has captured this Mama's heart.  Danielle's special need is skin pigmentation.  I think she is beautiful!
She is being advocated for by And there are many other adorable children, including Danielle on her blog. Anyone can donate to her adoption through Reece's Rainbow as another way to help. There is a link on the Coleman blog listed above.

Danielle is currently on Madison Adoption's Individual list, and she has a significant grant.  Please contact Sara Lang, who would be happy to answer any questions and would also love to find this sweet little girl her forever family. Email Sara at
Please help to find Danielle a home.  She has waited so very long for a forever family.
UPDATE: Danielle has her forever family.  


Anonymous said...

Just look how sweet this little girl looks. I pray that God will bless this child with some loving parents who will care for her and love her as their own.


Chasing our Dream to China said...

Hi Jill! I saw that Danielle is on hold. Do you know anything? It's not us, but I wish it was. :-)
Miss ya!
Laurie Matthew

Big Happy Family said...

Laurie, if you pick this up, she is MATCHED! She has a family!!! So very happy for this sweet sweet girl.