Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Princess and her Court of Little Sisters

Claire has always been a princess in our house.  From the day we brought her home, she has captivated and amazed us.  Last night, she went to the prom.  I did not post a picture of her date, but he really was the luckiest guy at the prom.  I know that I am a little biased, but my princess is very special and very loved.  Her Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle all came over early to offer love and support.  We are all smitten by our little Princess who has grown up so fast.  Her little sisters had to dress up for the occasion as well.  They couldn't contain their giggles when that poor boy showed up to escort Ms Claire.  Claire, we cherish every day with you.  And yes, I did include a picture of our princess at 3.  Time goes by quickly.  Every moment counts.  Watching Claire grow up has been a privilege.  We are so blessed to be the parents of such wonderful children. 


Anonymous said...

Claire, you looked so pretty all dressed up for the prom. Your dress was beautiful, but then you look good in your pajamas!! We are blessed to be your grandparents. You have brought so much joy to your family.


MISTY said...


Chasing our Dream to China said...

Claire, you are so beautiful!
Love, Little Claire :)