Sunday, April 7, 2013

Babies, Braces, a Birthday, and Bees

It's been a very packed weekend... We have been celebrating Vincent's birthday.  Happy Birthday big guy!  Both boys are now sporting braces.  Lots of metal between those boys.  And the babies....
Mama K and Priscilla brought those sweet babies by for a visit.  The twins are finally here, and we hope we get to see them a lot.  You can see how taken the kids were with them.  Shaelee was fascinated.  She wasn't sure what to do, but she caught on fast, and had a great time playing with their little hands and feet while they slept so soundly.  The sleep of the innocent.  Just completely relaxed little cuties.  Claire has already helped with 2 babies, so she was just enjoying the moment.  Viny and Shaelee were so proud to hold them.  Of course 2 adults were right in front of them while we snapped the picture.  But they did a great job holding their very first ever twins.  Oh my goodness.....adorable!  Such sweet blessings.  So grateful that they could come for a short visit. 
And yes, a big swarm of bees decided to visit us.  Shaelee was hesitant to tell me because she thought I might over react.  I did call a professional who knew what to do, and sure enough, we left them alone, and they were gone in a few hours.  So glad they didn't choose to call our backyard home. 
I will add another B to describe our weekend.  BUSY!!!
But filled with fun!


Anonymous said...

It was such a nice surprise to see the twins on Saturday. We all got to hold them and it was such fun to watch the younger kids interact with them.

Thanks KK for sharing the babies with us for a while. You are a great Mom and I can see that P. is a loving, helpful grandmother. You are blessed to have these beautiful little girls.

We love you all - you are truly our second family.

Ammy R.

maggie k said...

It is amazing how such a tiny little baby can completely captivate everyone in the room! And you had two babies! Such lovely pictures of everyone looking so happy. Love MK