Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

 We had a wonderful weekend with the kiddos, they have made new friends in the neighborhood, and the new friends  came over for a little water time.  Viny had a great time meeting the neighbor's pet chicken, yes, that chicken likes to be held.  It has been a very fun weekend.  Lots of special memories made. I am always thankful, so blessed to share my life with such special children and the sweetest hubby ever. We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, filled with family, faith and love. Thank you Shae, for the beautiful Easter prayer. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friends and Family

We love having our friends and family stop by.  We enjoyed seeing Karen and Anna and their  parents.  Always cause for a celebration when one of our China families stops by for a visit. Karen and Claire were adopted together almost 16 years ago.   The big girls were a little camera shy, but Anna was happy to pose with our littles.  Anna and Shaelee are both from Hunan.  It was great catching up with the C family and we are looking forward to some beach time in VA this summer.

Both of our gym girls have been very busy.  It's been a busy couple of gym girl weekends  Shaelee was especially proud of one of those meets when she was awarded 3 medals.  She told us that she was sitting on the stage with her fingers crossed hoping that she would win one.  With 2 littles competing that means Momma is gone for the entire day.  Mr Vincent came along to our last meet.  He was quite helpful at taking cute pictures.
Lots to do and so little time...and whenever possible, a quick power nap is always good!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 Special Men

Momma had a wonderful day at the Zoo with 2 of her favorite Men.  I was home on a Friday a few weeks ago, and I got to spend the day with Dad.  It was a great day.  Of course, we did pick Quinn up from school that afternoon as well.  We went to a favorite Mexican restaurant, and then spent the afternoon watching the animals.  It was a beautiful spring day in the desert.  Dad and Quinn had a great time talking about tractors and farm equipment.  Our family is so grateful to still have such wonderful Grandparents that patiently teach the kids everything that they can.  I was especially blessed to get to spend the whole day with 2 very special Men in my life.  My Dad and my oldest son.  I will cherish that day always. My Dad will always be my hero.