Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shaelee's 1st meet. My tiny little Bunheads

The big day finally came. Shaelee's first real competitive gymnastics meet. I have never seen such a pensive child. The night before, she told me that she was sick. In tears she told me that she was scared and excited, but mostly scared. She asked to talk to Tung Tung. Claire did her hair, beautifully, but Shaelee said that her eyes "were too high". I guess those braids were a little tight, so before she went to bed, Ms Claire loosened those pretty braids. The next morning, she was able to talk to Sienna. I didn't hear much of the other side, but I do know that Tung Tung gave her some very special advice. She told her that when she went to her meet, that "she just went out there and they liked me. And they will like you too." Oh my gosh, Sienna, your advice was amazing. I have never seen such a sad and terrified girl when she was getting ready to go. Her first event was floor and I missed it. Drat, but someone had to watch Emily's awards(and you rocked it Emily with 3 medals! Glad I was there). She did fine, missed a little of her routine, but got a few cuteness points, and did great. I got back for bars. There is a picture in the middle of this blog, right before she started. She was so scared. Both she and Emily had tough bar events... a train wreck really. Next was her vault. She nailed it. I think she started to have fun at that moment. She was so proud of herself. Her final event was beam. She fell during practice, and hurt herself. Big old tears. Her coaches asked if she could go last. When her time came, she was the last gymnast. As they lowered the beam for my peanut, I think the audience held their breath for the tiny girl about to finish the entire competition. She did so well. Her hand hit the beam when it shouldn't have, but other than that, she did an amazing job. Her team won first place and she earned her first medal. (I love that Emily helped to pass out medals to the new girls) In the car, Shaelee asked when her next meet was. She learned to have fun, and she is ready for more. As I put her to bed, and tucked her in, she told me that "Tung Tung said they would like me, and they did." Thank heavens for sage advice from a very special buddy. Thank you Sienna. Congratulations Shaelee and Emily! And to Claire who is the best big sister ever.


Allie said...

Very adorable and talented little girls!!! :) might I ask why the jackets are different colors for Shaelee and Emily?? Just wondering :) tell shaelee congratulations on her first meet!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job sweet girls. The pictures are beautiful. Thank you Claire for helping them with their hair and being so good to your little sisters.

You go, girls.

Love you,
Your Ammy

Big Happy Family said...

Hi Allie,
Emily and Shaelee are at 2 different levels. Hopefully the same within the next few months. Thanks for noticing (: