Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shaelani's Reunion: Girl's Weekend Out

We feel very blessed to have met so many wonderful people through the adoption of our children.  I think I have posted several times at how thankful the C family is for our very special friendships and connections that make these wonderful people actually feel more like family.  Mom and the girls spent a wonderful weekend on the Jersey shore with some of Shaelee's China buddies.  We had a wonderful time.
Nancy and Shaelee picked up where they left off a year ago.
Tyler and Emily had a great time, and met a new friend named Amanda.
Ms Shaelee is trying so hard to learn to swim.
She is working really hard, and making great progress, but she just can't kick fast enough and sinks after about 6 feet. This was her best effort, and I think, with a little TLC, she just might get the hang of it by the end of the summer.
She loves the water, and she is fearless. That means we have to watch her so carefully. And we are working very hard to help her learn to swim. She got a lot of pool time this weekend.
And we got to meet Jenny! A year ago, this very weekend, we were with her Mama, Daddy and big sister when they received her referral. We were there to see her sweet little face with our China friends.
What a precious peanut she is. Just happy and joyful and fun loving.
We are so thrilled that she is home with her forever family.
We rode lots of rides, and Claire was a great helper.
And we rode more rides.
And Kaylee loved her pretty braids that Claire did for her.
And we were there to celebrate a very special birthday. Happy Birthday!
The first day we spent the day in Ocean City, loved it.
Thankful for such special friends, and appreciative of all that our hosts did to make the weekend so special. Thank you Karen, Rich and Family. See you all next year.