Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Toothless Father's Day

Finally Ms Shaelee lost that tooth. I got a text and picture from her big sister Claire, with the proudest 6 year old ever. She carried that tooth around in a baggy until Mama got home to see it. She IS a big girl now. She lost a tooth AND graduated from Kindergarten. Cracking up at Daddy in this picture, wonder what he sees, what he is thinking... Blessed with 5 for sure, but probably ready for a little pool time. Father and Son, Uncle and Papa, they both had a blast in the pool! A little fun time with Aunt Kim. Even Chandry and Corey came home for Father's Day. All the way from San Francisco. Shaelee has always loved Chandry. Truth be known, all the little C's love both Chandry and Corey. Love those dimples Papa and Emily. It was the best Father's Day ever. All of the Kids, all of the grandchildren, everyone was here to celebrate my Dad's special day. We all had so much fun. Lots of sun, a beautiful day, and a very blue pool. It may be years before everyone can be together again. But for today, it was the best day ever. Shaelani, love you, one less tooth and all. Mr Ralph, love you Super Dad. Chris, thank you for a great weekend. Grandpa, a special wish for you today. And Dad, you have been an inspiration throughout my entire life. I am proud to be your daughter.