Sunday, April 29, 2012


Laughter is just part of life when you have so many little personalities in play. It is truly a gift. I love these pictures of the littles pretending to be singers. They absolutely had us laughing hysterically. They are so innocent, and so sweet, and just completely uninhibited. I love how they can be so creative and cute. I took the girl's to the mall nearest to our cabin (an hour away, and just where I wanted to be, ha ha), that's where they wanted to go. On the way home, I pulled over so that Claire could drive/practice for a few miles. As I opened my door to switch places with Claire, Claire and I both heard Emily, from the very back of the van, "Claire's driving? We're gonna die." Claire and I laughed and I joked with them, and said "probably not, but make sure your buckled in good, just in case." Claire and I cracked up. It was very quiet in the back for the next 40 miles. As we drove into the neighborhood, Emily asked me, "Is Claire driving down the hill?". (The hill down to the cabin is very steep). We said, "yes", and the littles asked if they could get out of the car at the top of the hill. Once again, Claire and I laughed so hard. They crack us up, all of them. Never a dull moment, and always something to make us smile. There is always serious entertainment around here. Great job driving this weekend Claire.... Dad and I are really proud of you.