Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I love this boy, he makes me happy.  As do his siblings.  I am so blessed to be a Mama.  We are finished with soccer until after the Holidays.  This weekend all of the kiddos helped me get out our Christmas cards.  I am a little worried that some may have more than one card and some may have none.  We were lacking in quality control but not in having some chaotic fun.  This weekend we stayed close to home.  We hung out as a family.  We hugged our kids, a lot.  And we thought of those families who are changed forever.  We will continue to pray for them and keep them in our thoughts. 

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Anonymous said...

Quinn, just noticed the post. You are quite the soccer player and quite the grandson. You are so much fun to be with. As you know we had to go back to T-----to get our Christmas presents straightened out. Ha! Sorry we didn't have time to eat. Maybe next time!!

We love you all,
Ammy & PaPa