Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rainy Days

It was a downpour! The kid's couldn't help themselves. Nothing like a child running in the rain.
A little silly from Quinn!
He's a little bit of sunshine, always....
A rare picture of Gracie, who couldn't resist the rain.
And our big girl, Claire.
He tried to give all the dry C's, big hugs, and took great pleasure in soaking us!
Such a clever way to avoid the rain.
And while 4 of the C's were getting drenched, Mr Vincent, was concentrating on building an aircraft. Quinn said it was too tedious. We were really proud of Vincent's concentration on his project. It will take a few more trips, but with Dad's help, he made great progress.
Look at those smiles. It was all about the cupcakes that Claire made. They were hiding them in them picture.
Mama thinks they look pretty sneaky here.
And some sweetness from the littles. They did their own hair. That bathroom was closed way too long, with giggles from behind the door. But they were pretty proud of their results. So was Claire.
And some pictures by Claire.
Monday was beautiful!
So are all of my babies. Big ones and medium ones.
We consider it such a blessing to be able to get away from everything for a few days and just concentrate on family. We had a hard time coming home this weekend, and stayed one last night. But the 4am wake up call was a little early for the drive home. See you soon Mom and Dad. Lots of prayers coming your way!

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DiJo said...

It looks like they had a blast!!!!!!! What a beautiful place you have to escape too!!!!!!!

Tell the girls, I am impressed with their hair!!! Their big sis has taught them well!!!!