Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Meet for Emily

I wish I had more pictures of a very busy weekend.  But Claire had the camera, so the pictures are all about Emily.  Emily, who took 3rd in Bars, and 7th all around.  Just continuing to improve.  I still say that she gets cute points.

Quinn, Shaelee, Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris spent Saturday watching Q's first soccer match of the season.  His team won!  Yeah!!!

Ralph, Claire and Vincent volunteered at Emily's meet.  It was a long day.

Today, Vincent worked on a pyramid.  Can't wait to show that off next weekend.  Claire helped, and Ralph supervised. So much to do.  

I love that last picture, that Claire took for her photography class.  Many medals over many years earned by my very first gym girl.  She is coaching now.  She couldn't ever really give up gymnastics.  Just a part of her life, and now ours. 

Congrats Ms Emily!  Love you.....

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Anonymous said...

Emily, so proud of you - you are improving so much. Can't wait to watch one of your meets. And - you are oh, so cute, my sweet girl.

Claire, love your photo of the medals and when you post some things that you have done, especially what you do on the blog.

Love you girls and boys,