Sunday, September 30, 2012

Homecoming Dance

Stunning.  That was all that her Dad and I could say, when she stepped out of her room, ready to go to her Homecoming Dance.  How did that baby girl grow up so fast?  How did she get so pretty?  I hope her Dad and I are the only ones who notice how beautiful that she is.  She is beautiful both inside and out.  She is sweet, caring and absolutely perfect. 
Love you Claire. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Meet for Emily

I wish I had more pictures of a very busy weekend.  But Claire had the camera, so the pictures are all about Emily.  Emily, who took 3rd in Bars, and 7th all around.  Just continuing to improve.  I still say that she gets cute points.

Quinn, Shaelee, Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris spent Saturday watching Q's first soccer match of the season.  His team won!  Yeah!!!

Ralph, Claire and Vincent volunteered at Emily's meet.  It was a long day.

Today, Vincent worked on a pyramid.  Can't wait to show that off next weekend.  Claire helped, and Ralph supervised. So much to do.  

I love that last picture, that Claire took for her photography class.  Many medals over many years earned by my very first gym girl.  She is coaching now.  She couldn't ever really give up gymnastics.  Just a part of her life, and now ours. 

Congrats Ms Emily!  Love you.....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Emily's First Gymnastics Meet

I look at that precious smile. She was nervous for her first ever gymnastics meet, but she was also very excited. Seriously, I think she should get a few extra points, just for that dimpled smile.
I am such a proud Mama.
She was so coordinated, fashionable, and pulled together, it blew me away. She looked so grown up, and yet, she is still my little.
She told me that she was really scared. She was nervous. She told me something was upsetting her stomach. I told her it was just a little butterfly wishing her lots of luck.
Look at that sweet smile. She stopped being nervous and scared, and somewhere along the way, she just started to have a lot of fun. That's what I wanted most, for my girl just to have fun.
A little coach encouragement.
I love that Claire got up early and did her hair, and she took most of these photos. We both sat in the stands, Mom, with tears streaming down my face. Claire and I were her biggest fans.
In the end, she won 10th all around of 15 girls in her class. It was her first meet. She was solid, with no falls. She was amazing. And she told me twice in the car that she won for "all around". I asked her if she knew she would win a medal? She told me that she was sure that she might, but that she was really hoping that she would. We are so proud of our Emily tonight! Love you little gym girl.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bubble Trouble

Shaelee and I went home to visit the Grandparents this last weekend. We were very busy girls. I loved these pictures that I took of my Little. She is definitely in serious bubble trouble!
Hmmm, I wonder how big I can make these bubbles?
She has plenty of liquid bubble. Now, to put it all into action.
Nice beginning
Getting better....
And she loves it!
And she runs!
Joyful as pure sunshine.
Sweet little peanut!
I love the smile on her face. Makes my heart sing.
I think she made Grandpa smile a little bit too.
That bubble is as big as she is!
She brought a big smile when Grandma was surprised by Ms Shaelee.
And she made Ammie and Papa's day. We had a nice weekend. Thank you Aunt Carrie for all those giggles and all that laughter. Those bubbles were amazing. Loved seeing all of the Grandparents. Hugs to you all! .

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rainy Days

It was a downpour! The kid's couldn't help themselves. Nothing like a child running in the rain.
A little silly from Quinn!
He's a little bit of sunshine, always....
A rare picture of Gracie, who couldn't resist the rain.
And our big girl, Claire.
He tried to give all the dry C's, big hugs, and took great pleasure in soaking us!
Such a clever way to avoid the rain.
And while 4 of the C's were getting drenched, Mr Vincent, was concentrating on building an aircraft. Quinn said it was too tedious. We were really proud of Vincent's concentration on his project. It will take a few more trips, but with Dad's help, he made great progress.
Look at those smiles. It was all about the cupcakes that Claire made. They were hiding them in them picture.
Mama thinks they look pretty sneaky here.
And some sweetness from the littles. They did their own hair. That bathroom was closed way too long, with giggles from behind the door. But they were pretty proud of their results. So was Claire.
And some pictures by Claire.
Monday was beautiful!
So are all of my babies. Big ones and medium ones.
We consider it such a blessing to be able to get away from everything for a few days and just concentrate on family. We had a hard time coming home this weekend, and stayed one last night. But the 4am wake up call was a little early for the drive home. See you soon Mom and Dad. Lots of prayers coming your way!