Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Fun

It's been a few weeks since our San Diego trip, but when I look back someday, I want to be sure I remember what a great time we had. It was a little crowded, but the weather was beautiful, and we all enjoyed a little bit of cool, and some quality family time.
Always a smile on Emily's face.
A smile from Ms Shaelee too.
Vincent is always in the middle of the action.
A little heart melting going on when I look at this peanut's grin.
The museum was very interactive and we learned a lot. We came across this exhibit of Col. Claire Chennault. Yes, that is who Claire is named for. She was supposed to be Emily, but while waiting to travel, Ralph and I watched a movie about this amazing man who supported the Chinese with the Flying Tigers. Ralph and I just looked at each other, and said, that's her name. It fits her perfectly and it's a beautiful name for a very beautiful girl.
A little flying.
Some really big wings on a really small girl.
Viny flying a plane.
Oops, who is that big kid?
And Claire met up with her preschool buddy from San Diego. They are all so grown up now. They were inseparable from 2 to 4 and then again their first grade year. Gosh, us Mama's got a little choked up at these two 17 year olds.
And before I knew it, the weekend was over. But the memories will last for a very long time. Love you little C's.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Claire and her preschool buddy have really grown up.

The fun you had shows on everyone's face. S.D. is a great place to have fun and has great weather!!!

Love you all,