Monday, August 27, 2012

Resort Weekend

This was resort weekend at the C's...a mini staycation with a big pool, movie night, barbeque and lots of fun time.
Mom and Dad step away from the serious side of parenting, and just have a great time.
Where is that pretty smile Emily?
There it is pretty girl.
And no floaty for Shaelee! She is swimming up a storm right now. We are so proud of our peanut.
Quinn owned the pool.
The girl's had a blast together. Emily was a patient swim teacher all weekend.
And of course, our big girl, got some quiet teenage time. We had a really fun family weekend. It's Monday, so here we go, off to work and off to school. We treasure those times when it's just about our family, with nothing to do, but have fun, and just relax together. Thanks little C's, what a lovely weekend, love you all.

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