Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Little Girl Time

A few weeks ago, Shaelani was able to go to a very special Birthday party for her buddy Ruby, with some of her best ever R friends. She did great on her first ever sleep over away from home. She also came home with a new American Gir* doll. That has been a very popular toy around here, and Emily immediately asked for one.
I went on line to get her one for Christmas, thinking I could wait a few months to give it to her. I was so excited to find a gymnast named Ivy. I thought it was perfect, especially since Emily has a special connection to a real life Ivy that we all love very much.
Clearly, I couldn't wait till Christmas to give Emily her doll. Here they are, Ivy and Megan.
Emily and Shaelee both worked on some lovely artwork.
They had a tea party.
And they just had so much fun being little girls and playing with their new dolls. They were just a joy to watch, and they will only be little for such a short time. I just enjoyed the weekend watching the littlest sisters play and play and play. I did smile when Emily commented, that now we have an Ivy too.

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Anonymous said...

Just noticed the new pictures. Who are those pretty girls with their Americal Girl dolls?? I believe they are my wonderful grand daughters. So sweet.

Love ya all,