Sunday, July 1, 2012

Very Special Guests

The memory of today will be very special for many years to come. After picking up Quinn from Soccer camp, we spent 6 hours yesterday going around a fire that had started a few miles from our cabin. We did manage to finally get there, and we were all excited to see some very special friends that were arriving Sunday afternoon. Sometimes, my kids just totally surprise me, and they step up and make me so proud. At 7:30 Viny woke up and wanted to help me get the house "ready" for his special friend. The night before he had personally cleaned the kid's bathroom and written on a post it note, " I cleaned this bathroom verry good for Ivey and Lexy. I left some baby oil and soap . I left some toys like a toy boat and some cars. Sencely, Viny C" He even took flowers into the bathroom! So, it didn't surprise me that he was up very early to help me.
Of course his buddy did send a note back: "Binnee, I like toy boats, thank you! I hope I can go on a bear hunt hunt at your cabin, I am bringing my bike. Love Lexi." And then came the littles, they were just as excited to help out. They hunted down every lego in the house, anything too small and that could be swallowed by tiny friends. They vacumned. I was in shock, they sure don't do that at home.... Then they had the best idea ever! A BEAR HUNT!!! Every bear in the house was put to work.
The bears went fishing.
And the bears played some pool. You can't make this stuff up! And finally, they were here. Lexi and Ivy.
And we think that Lexi liked the bear hunt. The littlest C's did for sure.
And Binnee got to spend a little time with his buddy Lexi...
And Claire who is in San Diego, wanted one picture of Ivy.... Answered prayers that Ivy and Lexi are our dear and special friends. We love you!


DiJo said...

How sweet are you kids? Just like their sweet Mama and Daddy!!!!!!! Your great big hears are so amazing!!!!

Ivy looks wonderful!!!! What a special weekend!!

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a thoughtful and beautiful gesture, Viny. You are always full of surprises. We think the bear hunt sounds like fun! Great idea, Emily and Shaelani! We hope you are doing well. Uncle Chris and I have been on vacation in Cape Cod (near Boston). We saw great fireworks over the harbor, took ferry out to Nantucket Island and spent a lot of time at beaches. We miss you!

Love, Aunt Kim