Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Love my cousins. Love my Auntie. Thankful for Angela, she knows why.
Love our newest cousin, Sam.
Could not wait to finally kiss that cutie!
Love you Elizabeth.
You are too cute Sam.
Board game anyone?
Claire loves legos
Mr Quinn.
And his cousin Noah.
Quinn and Noah.
Game on anyone?
Great picture of your baby bro Claire.
Sweet siblings.
Gotta love those smiles.
What a beautiful day.
Sweet sisters.
Jei Jei.
Thankful for cousins, friends and family!


maggie k said...

You guys have been busy - two China reunions and now a family reunion! What fun July has been for you all. I love the pictures of everyone. And I especially love that Claire still likes to play with Legos! Little secret I still like to color:) Love Maggie K

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time all the cousins had together and with Auntie. It must have been hot there, just guessing.

Beautiful pictures. So glad you could go.

Love, Ammy