Saturday, July 28, 2012

Claire's Reunion

It was a smaller group this year, but we all had a ton of fun! This picture was taken before we all went white water rafting. 2 hours of sheer relaxation, with gentle rapids and beautiful scenery in the Smokies.
Hannah, Karen, Jade and Claire, look at you beautiful young ladies. Your parents are so proud of you.
Lots of pool time, and lazy river floating at the resort. Shaelee loved it, and the waves in the wave pool over her head, but she just loved it! Mama was a nervous wreck, keeping her within arms length, but loving her precious giggles as each wave hit.
Viny loved the pool too.
Daddy helps Viny get ready for his turn at indoor sky diving.
There's Emily after her dive.
Love the hair after the dive. Viny's is priceless! But they sure had fun.
Shaelee and Anna, our Hunan girls.
Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Is it time to come back to Arizona yet? We miss you!

Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris

Anonymous said...

Happy you had fun and got to be with your friends, Claire. Love Viny's picture. All beautiful girls and handsome boys.

Missing you!

Ammy & PaPa