Sunday, June 24, 2012


Quinn is off to soccer camp. Love those glasses he is wearing. All because last weekend he put his glasses on a chair at the resort and we haven't seen them since. He was given a budget for a new pair, and we asked him to be sure that he was able to get a pair before leaving for camp. Well, he went double over his budget, and the glasses will be here in 2 weeks. Good thing he needs those sports glasses this week. Claire packed him up, and we got all the way to camp only to discover he forgot his pillow and a blanket. The only things he had to worry about, and he forgot them....gotta love that boy.(he has a pillow and blanket, thanks to a quick side trip) Hope he has fun. And here he is getting all loved up by Aunt Carrie. He has been so much fun this summer. A friend of my Mom's got him a real chef's apron. He didn't take it off for days! He takes his cooking very seriously. Thanks Lindsey. Thank you Emily and Shaelee for making the 6 hour round trip today to drop your big brother off. Thank you for visiting Amme and Papa, safe travels home. We will miss you.

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Hi Jill,
It's Laurie Matthew! We just got back into town, but I need to drop off the "Team Ivy" shirts you ordered. :) My e-mail is