Sunday, May 20, 2012

You are My Sunshine

The Girl's had a great time this weekend at the neighbor's pool. Claire was behind the camera, and the littles were all giggles in the pool. It's hot here, so it's all about staying cool. We went to see The Aven*ers this weekend, and loved it. Happy to have another boy Saturday to keep Quinn, and the entire family entertained. I was so proud of my beautiful Mother's Day artwork that I have to show it off!
I especially loved this picture of me that Viny Did. He made me look so pretty. Thank you Buddy.
And a couple of very sweet pictures from our friend Ivy's 2nd Birthday party. Vincent has always been smitten with Lexi. But I think Claire made a very special new friend too.
All is well. Quinn is playing soccer AGAIN, with most of his buddies. This means more tournaments, and lots of weekends at the soccer field. But we love it, lots of family time. Claire did make one of the Dance teams at school. Not her first choice, but it is now! She has signed up for ballet and hip hop as she planned, at a neighborhood studio. She couldn't leave her beloved coach completely, and is doing advanced tumbling at the new gym. One door closed, but many new ones have opened. It is so hard to watch your children have to make such hard decisions. But I am proud that Claire is making new friends and getting outside of her comfort zone. Next year she starts College, there will be many more decisions from there. She is studying for those College exams and today Ralph found her sleeping with her prep books. She is serious about her future. A Mama couldn't be prouder of her Big Girl. I should also say that Emily and Shaelee are hard at work 3 days a week at gymnastics and Mr Viny is still busy with Tae Kwon Do. And he just finished his homework, so we are off to Ammie and Papa's pool for one last swim this weekend. School is out next week! Let the fun begin.... (PS that song is for you Ammie, you are a ray of sunshine to your grand babies)

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Anonymous said...

How lucky I am to have such precious grandchildren. Thank you Emily and Shealani. You made my day with our special song. How sweet this is.

Enjoyed all the pictures and I am so happy to see that Ivy looks so well. What a spirit that little one has. She will have Claire and the other kids to love her.

Thank you so much for the post.

Love you much,