Monday, April 16, 2012

A little warmer: The weather and my heart

When I spend 5 days a week away from home, the 2 days I am home are all the more sweeter. All is well with the C's. The kids haven't missed a beat, and due to all my prior crazy travel, to them everything is normal. But for me, there won't be a midweek night that I check in and hug all of my kiddos. So, I have to make the weekends count even more. I felt like a college girl, all loaded up with dirty laundry in my suitcase. It was all about the kids. Learning to not sweat the small stuff. Still do, but learning... The weather was beautiful, the kids and I went to see 2 movies. Loved Mirr*r Mirro*, Julia R still rocks! The kid's had a great Sunday night, we BBQ'd, the littles and middles played in the sprinklers and Mom just sat back and enjoyed. Claire worked on her ACT and SAT test dates, and I was one proud Mom, that my big girl knows exactly what she wants to do when she graduates. She wants to be an elementary school teacher. Never has wavered since first grade. I only wish all of my kid's had a teacher like I know that Ms Claire will be.

I am grateful for my special kids, and for Mr Ralph who holds down the fort and keeps everyone happy and healthy. He is the best. We had a wonderful weekend. We soaked up the sun, played the weekend away, and they warmed this proud Mama's heart.


DiJo said...

So happy you are getting your downtime with your favorite people!!! What a sweet and special family you and Ralph have created.. I love how you all just love being together.... And, Yes, I agree.. Claire will be an amazing teacher!!


Anonymous said...

Love the sweet pictures of the kids.

Yep, Claire has always wanted to be a teacher. The many teachers in her family will be so proud of her--Aunt C., Aunt K, Aunt J, cousin E, and of course, PaPa. All she has to do is walk across the room and we are proud of that girl.

Today is Will's (aka Quinn) birthday. He is now a teenager!!
Congratulations, you awesome soccer boy.

Happy you had a great family weekend.

Loving and missing you,
Ammy & PaPa