Sunday, April 22, 2012

Injured....HBD Quinn

It just goes without saying that Birthdays can be celebrated anywhere. Even far away, in a hotel room with littles and middles and aunts and uncles. We are so thankful that Quinn's injury didn't require a call to 911. But we are nursing him, loving on him, and his big sister Claire is icing him down. She told me that when he rolled his ankle, that she felt a little protective....ya think? This big sister has always been her little bro's biggest ally...Quinn is 13...a teen, just like Claire. She has his ankle propped up, and they are secluded away being we have 2 of them! Happy Birthday Quinn. Thanks for answered prayers for Emme Jade, Ivy and for Jenny who is safely home.


DiJo said...

Sweet Siblings!!!!!!! What a special bond they all have! So sorry about Quinn's ankle!! But, thankful you were all together for his special day!


P.S: Praising God that sweet ivy's is going HOME!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We hope Quinn's ankle is healing, of course, with Claire's loving care. The birthday party looks fun. I can't believe those two "little ones" just a few years ago are now the bigger ones. Still, they are as sweet as they were then.

Have a good week dear grandchildren. We love you.