Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy BD Vincent

Happy Birthday Vincent!
Thank you for waiting a few extra days so that the whole family could be with you to celebrate. Vincent had a great Birthday, with Daddy's fresh baked cake, and all his sibs around. We piled up all of his gifts on the dining room table, and when I walked over with the cake, noticed a purple fairy box nestled with all of the other gifts. Ms Emily had made sure that she had something for Viny, complete with a sweet note. It was a green teddy bear, his favorite color. Viny and Emily always amaze me with their special bond, that now includes Shaelee.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend at our cabin, complete with some egg dying, and a little egg hunt this morning. The bigs slept in. We celebrated Easter with our friends here in the high country. We are always welcomed like we are family. They had been concerned with my absence the last trip, I guess Ralph forgot to tell them that Emily and I were in China. And look who drove us home....that black braid doesn't belong to Ralph or I. How can my big girl be driving? But she is.

Claire found her video of her gotcha day and we watched it this morning. I still cry like a baby when I think of how incredible it was to finally be a Mom, and to have been given the chance to parent this beautiful girl. And now there are 5 of them, each special in their own way. They make this Mama feel so overwhelmingly grateful.
Vincent, I am so happy that we could spend this weekend celebrating your birthday.
Happy Easter and blessings on this perfect day.
We hope that Jenny is happily in the arms of her sweet family.


DiJo said...

Happy Birthday Vinny!!!!! It looks like you had the perfect party!!!! What a special place your cabin must be when you are all together!!!

Claire - How about you drive to MN this summer!!!


Anonymous said...

Great Easter and birthday pictures. Again, Happy Birthday Viny - looks like a great party and a big haul for you with the presents.

I was a little surprised to see the "braid" behind the wheel. We didn't know she was driving that much. Yeah Claire. Now you can take us to the mall and all those other places we like to go, and you won't have to tell me every place to turn.

Happy you all had a beautiful Easter together at the cabin.

Love and Hugs,