Sunday, April 29, 2012


Laughter is just part of life when you have so many little personalities in play. It is truly a gift. I love these pictures of the littles pretending to be singers. They absolutely had us laughing hysterically. They are so innocent, and so sweet, and just completely uninhibited. I love how they can be so creative and cute. I took the girl's to the mall nearest to our cabin (an hour away, and just where I wanted to be, ha ha), that's where they wanted to go. On the way home, I pulled over so that Claire could drive/practice for a few miles. As I opened my door to switch places with Claire, Claire and I both heard Emily, from the very back of the van, "Claire's driving? We're gonna die." Claire and I laughed and I joked with them, and said "probably not, but make sure your buckled in good, just in case." Claire and I cracked up. It was very quiet in the back for the next 40 miles. As we drove into the neighborhood, Emily asked me, "Is Claire driving down the hill?". (The hill down to the cabin is very steep). We said, "yes", and the littles asked if they could get out of the car at the top of the hill. Once again, Claire and I laughed so hard. They crack us up, all of them. Never a dull moment, and always something to make us smile. There is always serious entertainment around here. Great job driving this weekend Claire.... Dad and I are really proud of you.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Injured....HBD Quinn

It just goes without saying that Birthdays can be celebrated anywhere. Even far away, in a hotel room with littles and middles and aunts and uncles. We are so thankful that Quinn's injury didn't require a call to 911. But we are nursing him, loving on him, and his big sister Claire is icing him down. She told me that when he rolled his ankle, that she felt a little protective....ya think? This big sister has always been her little bro's biggest ally...Quinn is 13...a teen, just like Claire. She has his ankle propped up, and they are secluded away being we have 2 of them! Happy Birthday Quinn. Thanks for answered prayers for Emme Jade, Ivy and for Jenny who is safely home.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A little warmer: The weather and my heart

When I spend 5 days a week away from home, the 2 days I am home are all the more sweeter. All is well with the C's. The kids haven't missed a beat, and due to all my prior crazy travel, to them everything is normal. But for me, there won't be a midweek night that I check in and hug all of my kiddos. So, I have to make the weekends count even more. I felt like a college girl, all loaded up with dirty laundry in my suitcase. It was all about the kids. Learning to not sweat the small stuff. Still do, but learning... The weather was beautiful, the kids and I went to see 2 movies. Loved Mirr*r Mirro*, Julia R still rocks! The kid's had a great Sunday night, we BBQ'd, the littles and middles played in the sprinklers and Mom just sat back and enjoyed. Claire worked on her ACT and SAT test dates, and I was one proud Mom, that my big girl knows exactly what she wants to do when she graduates. She wants to be an elementary school teacher. Never has wavered since first grade. I only wish all of my kid's had a teacher like I know that Ms Claire will be.

I am grateful for my special kids, and for Mr Ralph who holds down the fort and keeps everyone happy and healthy. He is the best. We had a wonderful weekend. We soaked up the sun, played the weekend away, and they warmed this proud Mama's heart.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy BD Vincent

Happy Birthday Vincent!
Thank you for waiting a few extra days so that the whole family could be with you to celebrate. Vincent had a great Birthday, with Daddy's fresh baked cake, and all his sibs around. We piled up all of his gifts on the dining room table, and when I walked over with the cake, noticed a purple fairy box nestled with all of the other gifts. Ms Emily had made sure that she had something for Viny, complete with a sweet note. It was a green teddy bear, his favorite color. Viny and Emily always amaze me with their special bond, that now includes Shaelee.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend at our cabin, complete with some egg dying, and a little egg hunt this morning. The bigs slept in. We celebrated Easter with our friends here in the high country. We are always welcomed like we are family. They had been concerned with my absence the last trip, I guess Ralph forgot to tell them that Emily and I were in China. And look who drove us home....that black braid doesn't belong to Ralph or I. How can my big girl be driving? But she is.

Claire found her video of her gotcha day and we watched it this morning. I still cry like a baby when I think of how incredible it was to finally be a Mom, and to have been given the chance to parent this beautiful girl. And now there are 5 of them, each special in their own way. They make this Mama feel so overwhelmingly grateful.
Vincent, I am so happy that we could spend this weekend celebrating your birthday.
Happy Easter and blessings on this perfect day.
We hope that Jenny is happily in the arms of her sweet family.

Monday, April 2, 2012


The little's wanted to try on their Easter dresses this weekend. Thank you Claire for the sweet pictures. I couldn't help but think of the Sound of Mu*ic when I saw that picture of Emily. I was thinking of Maria and how we watched that movie every Easter. I am grateful for sisters. I have prayed for little sisters...Emme, Ivy and now Jenny, who will meet her big sister Nancy on Easter Sunday. I am so excited for Nancy to be a big sister. I can't wait to see Jenny with her forever family. I am hoping that all goes well, and that our special friends that we met in China meeting our sweet Shaelee will have a an easy transition with their new daughter. They leave on Thursday. Our thoughts and prayers are with you are a big sister now. Safe travels friends....
Emily and Shaelee, thank you for being such sweet sisters.